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Submitted by: Nancy Battle

Obama's Chest Thumper Killing Fields

The murder of Sheik bin Laden and other Muslim terrorists by Barack Hussein Obama has now ushered in an evening of the score as Obama's boasting, wild eyes, smirking and chest thumping in "He killed bin Laden personally", has wiped out the lives of American and Afgahnistan Special Operations Forces in over 30 dead.

This blog will exclusively take this apart and inform you what no one else will as this was Barack Obama and Leon Panetta trying to put trophies on the wall, Obama for his political 2012 numbers and Panetta trying to prove he is capable at Defense playing with the big boys.

First the Taliban quote in the puzzle:

Taliban spokesman Zabiullah Mujahid said in a statement that Taliban fighters downed the helicopter during a "heavy raid" in Sayd Abad. He said NATO attacked a house in Sayd Abad where insurgent fighters were gathering Friday night. During the battle, the fighters shot down the helicopter, killing 31 Americans and seven Afghans, he said, adding that eight insurgents were killed in the fight.

Next why the "heavy raid":

The Taliban claimed they downed the helicopter with rocket fire while it was taking part in a raid on a house where insurgents were gathered in the province of Wardak late Friday.

This blog gave Bush43 and Cheney hell for wasting special forces lives in these damned box canyon political show raids, and Obama is guilty of an even greater atrocity here in murdering Americans and Afghani's BECAUSE THIS WAS NOT ABOUT KILLING THE ENEMY, this was about capturing someone at this gathering.

I will state this again so you get this...............THIS WAS AN OBAMA AND PANETTA SHOW STUNT AGAIN just like Obama by passing the CIA Directorate and using DOD to send in the Obama SEALS to murder Sheik bin Laden all for political gain.

SOMEONE WAS IN THAT HOUSE and Obama and Panetta wanted absolute proof of another one of these "buried at sea events", so Obama could chest thump before America about his murdering someone again.

How's that damned cheering now treating the American dead there Mark Levin? All of you pathetic blood lust idiots who cheered bin Laden being murdered INSTEAD OF FOCUSING ON THE OBAMA CRIME, so it would put a check on this, have now just gotten 31 Americans murdered in Afghanistan and our finest Afghani allied troops, for another Obama political event.

Why do you think this blog was all over this? THIS IS THE REASON as it changes the US military and it puts the US military into checks and balances of it being murdered for political gain.

There are many excuses in this in putting a twin rotor Chinook into that situation, but I will point out that it appears that Obama's Taliban were waiting for that CH-47, and that means someone tipped them off. You know the same someones in the CIA who keep terrorists around Karzai's brother to assassinate him.
Not making any accusations in the payback game, but there is more to this than what is being reported.........and the most damning of this is Obama sent in special ops again for a mass murder political event, and Obama got Americans murdered instead.

THIS EVENT could have been neutralized by a high altitude thermobaric strike. Such a bomb would have sucked the oxygen out of the canyon, and left the suffocated terrorists viable to take DNA from. THAT IS THE CORRECT OPERATION and you now see the incorrect operation Obama and Panetta engaged in, in this Murder Inc. which Obama is running for his 2012 political campaign.

This blog did not believe that there were any high value targets left to raise Obama's poll numbers, but with the downgrade of the US economy, Obama apparently in desperation engaged in another murder operation to wag the dog like Jimmy Carter tried in Iran that got American's murdered and pissed on by Ayatollahs.

This would mean that Mullah Omar of the Taliban was at this house at least or Dr. Zawahiri of the Marxist al Qaeda wing. None of which Americans care about enough for political reasons, so this all could have been a thermobaric sweep with a mop up of dead bodies in the dawn, with no Americans or Afghani's murdered.
I will note in this, that the Taliban and al Qaeda are learning. They have set their fields of fire, they chose their meeting place well to lure in helos to be downed and they took the political event Obama gave and made it their victory.

John McCain and the GOP are a disgrace as I have pointed out in not protecting the US military from Obama. The Democrats are accomplices to Obama's murdering machine in this gay military now.

It is past 3 years time now for the military to arrest this fraud B. Hussein Obama for the mass murdering, terrorist he is, from Predator strikes to thee absolute heinous illegal operations in Libya.

This mass murder of Americans should never have happened, and only happened because Congress has not been protecting Soldiers from this Obama chest thumping, trophy on the wall, Murder Incorporated, of meat grinder regime.
31 Americans lives wasted for a goddamned political event.
Gen. Patton is not here to say it, so by God I will.

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