Monday, July 25, 2011


Is This What America Wants?
by Lee S Gliddon Jr

Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi have come to believe that both Social Security and MEDICARE are perfectly sound and on track to last forever just as they are. Well, this is a lie of gigantic proportions the two continue to foist on the less educated voters of America.

Let's look at facts and there is no human alive that can truthfully look another in the eye and deny what I am saying. Not one!

If the current trend of unemployment continues to increase as expected the taxes paid by workers will decrease as jobs are lost. Correspondingly with no money the purchase of automobiles, homes, hardware goods will be bought. Again, less taxes for the government.

With less tax revenue the government will not have the money to sustain Social Security, MEDICARE, Welfare or Food Stamps. Highway projects will cease resulting in more jobs lost. School meals programs will become impossible to fund.

We see this very thing as it is developing. Home are at an all-time low in many areas of the U.S. with no buyers. After all, who can buy without any income to pay? No jobs= no tax collections = no consumer spending.

How will the government continue to pay the vast numbers of workers it employs? Remember, the government produces no product and relies on tax  income to pay its employees. They too will suffer.

We continue to see hordes of people supporting Obama as he speaks. The Liberal Media conrtnues its  blind support as they have already surrendered all Constitutional Rights, Freedom of the Press, and print what is directed and air only the views of the Left. Where has their love of country gone? Are they so very vain as to believe that scholars know best? Has common-sense left their minds? How does any person support the lust-for-power exhibited by Obama?

Will those on Welfare, Food Stamps, and MEDICAID continue to support Obama when the 'gravy trin' ceases to exist?

This is not the first nation to go through this strife and it will not be the last. Germany went through this with Hitler. Japan went through this with Tojo. Laos went through this with Pol Pot. Viet Nam, Venezuela, Greece, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Columbia, San Salvador, Cuba, Egypt, Libya all suffered or continue to suffer as the results of financial ruin brought about by failed financial policies and the lust for power by a class of people that held the,selves out as superior to the average citizen.

Howls of protest have been heard and are being heard in Greece, Syria, and all too many Third World Countries to list.

How loud will the cry be when it is announced that there is no money for Social Security, no money for MEDICARE and Welfare checks will be cut by 50% and the Food Stamp programs will be terminated in America?

Who will then continue to support that person who set in place the very policies that promulgated such ideologies? Where will the average Joe get food for the table? Will all forms of entertainment cease to be except for a privileged few?

The sooner we wake up to reality the better. We cannot continue to allow any of our elected officials to continue to fritter away our tax dollars as if there was an endless source. Exaggerations designed to allow more spending must be taken for what they are; exaggerations!

Call me a bunch of names if you wish, but remember one thing; at age 71 I have nothing to gain by issuing false warnings. I am an American Patriot, a Navy Veteran and a Christian Pastor. As such I deal in honesty, openness and and answer to God for all that I say.  I can only pray that any that read this wake up to reality and after reading the U.S. Constitution come to the understanding that thins, as they are, cannot continue to be!    

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  1. Damn. This is the worst we've been through since 9/11. This spend cutting, budget deficit, higher debt ceiling. The gov't is really serious and worried now. We could be a third world country if this isn't controlled and handled well. Big problem America. Real big.