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Who's Going to Stop the Obama-Google Machine?

Candidates are lining up to become your next president, but none have garnered support from Internet giant Google, which is backing Obama's re-election campaign by brokering a "special deal" for the Obama 2012 campaign. 

A Google ad sales representative said thatGoogle gave Obama a special deal on a "pre-alpha product that is being released to a select few clients." 

Politico reports that: "The new ad program would charge clients for every email address (or other piece of user data) they collect. The program is attractive to campaigns eager for that information..." 

Google giving Obama special, exclusive access to its new online advertising product
 because it has been an ardent supporter of Obama, and has profited from its ties to the Obama administration. 

We must DEMAND that Congress investigate Google's relationship with the Obama administration. American taxpayers need to know how Google's special 'interest' with President Obama is affecting policy. Congress must launch an investigation into Google's ties to the Obama administration. 

Google's perks have come with a price, and that price is promoting Barack Obama by giving him exclusive access to a new advertising program, a "special deal" struck between Obama and Google that other presidential haven't been offered.

Former Google CEO Eric Schmidt was an "informal campaign advisor" for Obama's 2008 campaign, and was a major donor. During the 2008 presidential campaign, Google employees donated more than $800,000 to Obama. After Obama won the presidential election, Schmidt, and other executives, pitched in $25,000 each to help pay for the inaugural celebration. 

And, Andrew McLaughlin, who used to be head of global public policy at Google, and was appointed the Deputy Chief Technology Officer for the Obama administration, was discovered to have used his personal email account to discuss policy matters with Google. 

The White House's response was to "reprimand" McLaughlin and reassure the country that it wasn't a big deal, because he "didn't have any effect on policy decisions." 

Obama claimed on his campaign website he was against such appointments in his administration: "No political appointees in an Obama-Biden administration will be permitted to work on regulations or contracts directly and substantially related to their prior employer for two years." 

When Obama attended a fundraiser at the home of a top Google executive, he earning $30,400 a head---and he didn't say a word about the income shifting techniques Google has been using to avoid paying taxes on foreign profits. Their nifty accounting has cost the U.S. government $60 billion in annual revenue. 

CLICK HERE to SEND FAXES to every member of Congress to DEMAND that they investigate Google's relationship with the Obama administration. American taxpayers need to know how Google's special 'interest' with President Obama is affecting policy. 

Not only has Google avoided paying $60 billion in taxes, but the company's unrestricted access to the Obama administration has enabled Google to use taxpayer-funded government planes to jet-set to exclusive destinations.

Google has spent millions of dollars on lobbying and political contributions, trying to spin their way out of big questions about their monopolistic practices and privacy breaches... but having friends in high places, like say the WHITE HOUSE, certainly helps when pesky investigations start cropping up. 

Last year, Schmidt said: "the Google policy is to get right up to the creepy line and not cross it." 

But EVERYTHING about Google's relationship with the Obama administration, and their gathering of personal data on hundreds of millions of people across 30 countries,IS CREEPY! 

For three years, across 30 countries, Google's Street View cars were supposed to be capturing STREETS, but they alsoaccessed open wireless networks as well and downloaded personal information like e-mails, passwords and other private data in the process.(Schmidt's famous reply to critics was, "If you don't like it, then move.") 

The official response from Google on the Wi-Spy issue was that a rogue developer must have snuck some kind of code in there by accident. Sorry! 

That apology was good enough for the Obama administration. Private data stolen? No problem. The case was closed. No other investigation was done. The Federal Trade Commission abruptly ended its investigation of Street View. 

Consumer Watchdog, a nonprofit consumer advocacy organization, previously has called on House Oversight and Government Reform Committee Chairman Darrell Issa (R-CA) to investigate the Obama administration's close ties to Google. 

They have raised concerns not only about the Wi-Spy data, but about Google's privileged access to NASA's Moffett Airfield, which is conveniently located near Google's headquarters in California. Their report says the airport "has been turned into a taxpayer-subsidized private airport for Google executives used for corporate junkets." 

Google and NASA struck a "deal" in 2007, allowing Google to use the airfield "in the name of scientific research." But apparently, Google needs to do a lot of research in the Caribbean, or among the Hollywood elite at the Sundance Film Festival, because those are the kinds of places Google executives are taking the jets. 

Other groups have been denied use of the field, including a nonprofit humanitarian group, because obviously, hitting the swag room at Sundance is much more important than getting aid to needy people. 

The American people deserve to know the truth behind the cozy Obama-Google partnership! We need to know why our tax dollars are paying for Google executives to party around the world. SEND FAXES to every member of Congress to DEMAND an investigation of Google's relationship with the Obama administration. 

Let's alert Congress immediately and put an end to these strange bedfellows. 

Members of Congress need to hear from you! 


Tony Adkins
Conservative Action Alerts 

P.S. In 2008, Obama told Americans that his Administration would be the most transparent in history; but we have since discovered that he has misused Americans' tax dollars and seized our privacy rights in order 

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