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Conservative American, 

TODAY---U.S. Representative Peter King (R-NY), Chairman of the House Homeland Security Committee, will hold a second hearing on Islamic extremism in America. Although there has not been such noise about it like the first hearing, it will be well attended and it will be quite a controversial hearing. Anything can happen. 

Today's hearing will focus on EXTREMIST RECRUITMENT in America's prisons. 

At the verge of being "politically incorrect," we simply must "face the facts" and "tell it like it is."---What radicalizes Muslims is Islam itself. What we wishfully call "radicalism" is in fact the Islamic mainstream. 

A recent report from the Center for Security Policy found that an overwhelming majority of mosques in America promote JIHAD and SHARIAH Law. One of the report's most disturbing findings was that the most well-attended mosques were the most likely to provide violent materials to help coordinate the radical forces against you and me; and our beloved United States of America. 

If we are to face down Shariah, we must understand what we are up against, not simply hope that dialogue and "engagement" will make the challenge go away. Those who today support Shariah and the establishment of a global Islamic state (caliphate) are supporting objectives that are incompatible with the United States Constitution, the civil rights the Constitution guarantees and the representative, accountable government it authorizes. In fact, Shariah's pursuit in the United States is tantamount to sedition! 

U.S. Rep. Sandy Adams (R-FL) introduced H.R. 973 which outlaws foreign law from our U.S. Court system. She had 56 co-sponsors. Why aren't more Congressmen committing to this very important bill? That's why we must fax them to let them know how patriotic Americans truly feel. It is still in the Subcommittee of the U.S. Constitution and has been since March 9th. This bill is too important to stay in a Committee for that long. Let's fax our Congressmen to raise our voice of support. 

Please CLICK HERE to FAX every Member of our U.S. Congress to support H.R. 973, to prevent the misuse of foreign law in United States federal courts, including Shariah Law! Our inaction will permit our Justice System be penetrated by radical, foreign religious laws! 

And today's hearing will help to underscore just how organized these radical elements of Shariah Law are in our own country. This brand new survey took into account 100 mosques INSIDE the United States of America---next door to you and me! 

Shariah Law continues to spread its "web" inside the United States. In this recent report, "more than 80% of mosques advocate or promote violence." 

MANY mosques around the United States have been identified in a new study as "incubators" for jihad against America. 

"Of the 100 mosques surveyed, 51 percent had texts on-site rated as severely advocating violence; 30 percent had texts rated as moderately advocating violence; and 19 percent had no violent texts at all," said the survey compiled by Mordechai Kedar and David Yerushalmi and published by the Middle EastQuarterly. 

Among the findings in the study, "Shariah and Violence in American Mosques," by Kedar, an assistant professor at Bar Ilan University in Israel, and Yerushalmi, the general counsel for Center for Security Policy, were that: 

  1. Of the 51 percent of the mosques with texts severely advocating violence, 100 percent were led by imams who recommended that worshippers study texts promoting violence.
  2. In 84.5 percent of the mosques, the imam recommended studying violence-positive texts.
  3. Mosques identified as being more Shariah-adherent, that is, their imams wore beards, the segregated men from women and the like, were more likely "to feature violence-positive texts on site."
  4. Nearly three in five of the mosques invited guest imams known to promote violent jihad,
It is interesting to note that in this startling survey, one can find out about mosque attendance. As the authors observe, "severe-material (violent) mosques were found to have a mean attendance of 118 worshippers at services, while non-violent mosques had only 15. The moderate-violence mosques came in around the middle, at 60." 

In other words, the more violent the teachings of Shariah Law, the greater the attendance. 

This Shariah Law is taking over America; and we must stop it. 

The enemy adheres to an all-encompassing Islamic political-military-legal doctrine known as Shariah. Shariah obliges them to engage in jihad to achieve the triumph of Islam worldwide through the establishment of a global Islamic State governed exclusively by Shariah, under a restored caliphate. We must not permit this Shariah Law to infiltrate our courts system. 

Please CLICK HERE to FAX every Member of our U.S. Congress to support H.R. 973, to prevent the misuse of foreign law in United States federal courts, including Shariah Law! Our inaction will permit our Justice System be penetrated by radical, foreign religious laws! 

There are Muslims around the world - and especially inside the United States - who DO support Shariah by various means. These include: 

  1. By contributing to "charity" (zakat), even though, according to Shariah, those engaged in jihad are among the authorized recipient categories for what amounts to a mandatory tax.
  2. By inculcating their children with Shariah at mosques and
  3. By participating in, or simply failing to report, abhorrent behavior condoned or commanded by Shariah (e.g., underage and forced marriage, honor killing, female genital mutilation, polygamy, and domestic abuse, including marital rape.
In every way possible, Shariah Law will not stop at your street-corner. It will INFILTRATE your very household. And we must do all we possibly can to stop Shariah law IN ITS TRACKS before it invades ALL of the United States of America!! 

The Islamic Shariah Law has crept into a few legal courts inside this great, exceptional America. And for me, and I believe you also, this is one step too far. Sure, I believe in the "freedom of religion" for all people in the United States. That's one of the cornerstones of our democracy that makes our country great. As it says at the Statue of Liberty---"Give me your tired, poor, huddled masses..." 

But when a radical religion mindset begins to interfere with our judicial system, I believe we should stand up to that and tell it like it really is. Do you agree? 

What is Shariah Law? 

"Muslim or Islamic law, both civil and criminal justice as well as regulating individual conduct both personal and moral. The custom-based body of law based on the Qur'an and the religion of Islam. By definition, Muslim states are theocracies, religious texts are law, the latter distinguished by Islam and Muslims in their application, as Sharia or Shariah Law." 


This bill would prohibit federal judges from using international law to decide any issue in a case. In addition to the radical nation-changing laws of Shariah, this bill comes against the dangerous United Nations treaties and a growing body of international law that has been created by unelected foreign bureaucrats. These treaties and international laws would severely restrict parental rights and home school freedom if brought into United States law. We must protect the integrity of our judicial system to make sure that our courts and our judges ONLY use the U.S. Constitution and domestic law in their decisions. 

H.R. 973 would also ensure that federal judges could not look to un-ratified U.N. treaties (like the U.N. Convention on the Rights of the Child) and international law as precedent in their opinions. 

Shariah Law is trying to overtake our U.S. Judicial System and must be stopped! H.R. 973 passage will prevent foreign law in our federal court system. We must fax NOW! 

Whether pursued through the violent form of jihad (holy war) or stealthier practices that Shariah Islamists often refer to as "dawa" (the "call to Islam"), Shariah rejects fundamental premises of American society and values. 

The United States Constitution would be "NULL AND VOID," for the most part, under Shariah Law. Under Shariah Law, your personal freedoms give way to the will of Allah. That's why this law must not enter our U.S. judicial system! 

FOREIGN LAW INCLUDES SHARIAH LAW---which most Americans, and even some Congressmen---do not really understand. 

There is a long-running worldwide movement underway by Muslims towards a better understanding and practice of their religion. Encouraged by their scholars and certain imams, Muslims have moved away from local customs and culture, and towards more universally accepted views of Islam. This movement towards traditional religious values served to help Muslims cope with the effects of European colonization. It also inspired modernist movements and the formation of new governments. 


Will you please help us to thwart this initial phase of attack by the Shariah Law advocates? Will you help us to sound the warning or sound the alarm? 

Please FAX your Congressman today.


Tony Adkins
Conservative Action Alerts 

P. S. Please help us to STOP SHARIAH LAW in the United States by faxing every single Member of the United States Congress so they can pass H.R. 973! Please be alert and be informed; so you guard against our country being taken over by a foreign, radical religious set of laws! Today's hearings will bear this Islam Extremism out. 

Please CLICK HERE to FAX every Member of our U.S. Congress to support H.R. 973, to prevent the misuse of foreign law in United States federal courts, including Shariah Law! Our inaction will permit our Justice System be penetrated by radical, foreign religious laws! 

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