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Under Barack Obama, America has virtually gone from a Republic to a dictatorship - a dictatorship crafted by a man who has proven time and again that the Constitution of the United States and the rule of law mean nothing to him. Instead, the Dictator-in-Chief has shown that he will do anything to push his Socialist agenda on the nation.

America's separation of powers has been made a mockery by Barack Obama. For two years it was easy. Obama, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi [D-CA] and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid [D-NV] formed a ruling trifecta that completely blocked Republicans from any role in the governing of the nation. Today, even though the Republicans now control the House of Representatives and have enough members to filibuster the Senate, Obama still rules like a dictator. He now ignores Congress and rules by Executive Order.

America is in trouble. We are on cusp of the impossible happening in America because we have a Congress that has surrendered its power to legislate to a White House determined to rule by decree. We are watching the Congress of Sleepy Hollow sleep instead of taking the action needed right now to stop this assault on our nation from its own presidency.

It is imperative that you FAX Congress right now - today. We need to tell Congress to wake up and keep the White House from usurping the authority of the Legislative Branch of government by ruling through appointed Czars using presidential Executive Orders and Secretarial Orders that bypass Congress. We need you to DONATE NOW to assist!

Obama has pushed nationalized healthcare and a vast redistribution of wealth. He has destroyed our nation's economy, driving up unemployment to 10% at one point and causing massive inflation in food and energy prices. All of this has made more Americans more dependent upon their government and enabling the socialist Obama to gain even greater power over our lives. He will not stop unless he is stopped by the people who care about this nation enough to stand up against this dictator and say "No more!"

Should he receive a second term, imagine the further destruction his Marxist policies would have upon our great nation!

Perhaps you don't fully realize the damage the 44th President of the United States has done to America since taking office in January 2009. He has been busy appointing "czars" to further balloon his administration into the largest in the history of the presidency. Some of these appointed positions include:
  • The much needed "Asian Carp Czar", John Goss, who was appointed in September 2010 to simply be the federal watchdog over a fish! Find that in the Constitution!
  • What about the "Global Warming Czar", Carol Browner? Her sole job is to continue pushing the fallacy of global warming to Americans and the liberal lunacy propagated by President Obama that we need to buy more tiny cars more akin to lawnmowers than automobiles so that we can plug them in for a whole 40 mile roundtrip spin. Even worse is her ideology! Ms. Browner, again appointed by President Obama, was a leader in the Socialist Commission for a Sustainable World Society.
  • Of course you also have the "Ethics Czar" or "Transparency Czar", a joke in and of itself in regards to a man in Obama who promised the most transparent presidency in history only to be the most secretive and manipulative Administration in our nation's history. His name - Norm Eisen, an old law school friend of Obama that was never confirmed for the post, as he was accused of firing an Inspector General for partisan political purposes. Later, Obama simply elevated Mr. Eisen to the position through an unconstitutional recess appointment.
  • We also have a "Science Czar", John Holdren. This man authored a book advocating forced abortions and mass sterilization. Folks, that is scary, and dare we say, Hitleresque? Yet, he apparently fits right in at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.
  • Who can forget another Obama Czar, Cass Sunstein, and the "Regulatory Czar". Obama's "Regulatory Czar" isn't a fan of the First Amendment ... you know, the one that guarantees free speech. Instead, Mr. Sunstein, again the man Obama tapped as his regulation go-to-guy, was quoted as saying "in light of astonishing economic and technological changes, we must doubt whether, as interpreted, the constitutional guarantee of free speech is adequately serving democratic goals." Sunstein also once wrote that he believe animals should have the right to sue humans for neglect! Again, he's Obama's regulatory man.
  • Then, finally, there is the all-important "Green Jobs Czar", Mr. Van Jones. Van Jones served as the "Green Jobs Czar" only from March to September 2009, after his past of Marxist leanings and 9/11 conspiratorial theories were brought to light.
What "Great Americans" Obama has illegally appointed to self-created positions! These people have absolutely NOTHING in common with the heart of America! Do you have neighbors clamoring for mass sterilization and forced abortions? Do you have friends who believe Fluffy the cat should be able to sue her owners, or whose neighbors were leaders of Socialist groups at one time?

America is in trouble. We are on cusp of the impossible happening in America because we have a Congress that has surrendered its power to legislate to a White House determined to rule by decree. We are watching the Congress of Sleepy Hollow sleep instead of taking the action needed right now to stop this assault on our nation from its own presidency. Please FAX and DONATE NOW to get the word out about this injustice!

It is estimated that Obama now has 32 of these "Czars", all of which are unnecessary, cost taxpayers millions of dollars, and which are not mentioned anywhere in the Constitution. Does that bother you like it does me? It is alarming that the Chief Executive of the United States is creating fictitious jobs that are in no way authorized by our U.S. Constitution - and, in fact, are created in order to bypass that sacred document!

The individuals Obama has appointed don't stand for American ideals; they are Leftists of the highest order. We just don't have time to see what Obama will do as his reign of lawlessness nears its conclusion. We must act now! Please help AmeriPAC! We need your SUPPORT to ALERT every American in order to STOP Barack Obama from raising his One Billion Dollars to buy his re-election!

President Obama has shown a blatant disregard for the law time and time again during less than three years in office. Consider these:

  • He pushed through OBAMACARE, despite it being illegal for the government to require you to purchase a service;
  • He denied thousands of military personnel and their families the right to vote during this past election by FAILING to enforce the MOVE Act! He is the leader of the Executive Branch and he failed to enforce the law in regards to voting, perhaps the most precious right we have as Americans.
  • He dropped the lawsuit against the RACIST BLACK PANTHERS, even though they committed a felony by intimidating voters during the 2008 Election!
He repeatedly bypasses Congress as he gains control:

Climate Control - The EPA is punishing states and industry through carbon and greenhouse gas regulations ... because Obama couldn't get climate legislation through Congress. Let's be perfectly clear: The United States Constitution and the United States Congress does NOT give the EPA the authority to regulate anything!

Union Control - Obama is pushing Card Check legislation, which would take away secret ballots from workers and influence union elections. His Labor Department is also threatening to sue states who don't comply! Obama desperately needs the money from union coffers to win reelection and he will do anything to make sure that the money, taken straight from the wages of working Americans, is available come time for reelection.

Land Control - The Department of the Interior created a new designation, "Wild Lands," through Secretarial Order, giving the government control of millions of acres of land ... because Congress didn't pass America's Great Outdoors Act.

Internet Control - Four days before Christmas, the Liberal FCC took over Internet content ... even though three judges in three separate cases warned they had no right to do so!

Gun Control - The BATF is attempting backdoor gun control by requiring people who buy "too many" weapons to register them ... because Congress cannot pass gun registration laws. The ATF does NOT have the Constitutional or Congressional power to register guns.

Open Borders Control - Obama instructed ICE to ignore the Constitution's laws on illegal aliens, and he hauled Arizona before the U.N. Human Rights Council to protest their immigration laws ... because Congress didn't pass the illegal immigration bills he wanted.

So, what will you do? Will you, like so many others, simply look the other way while the America we hold dear wastes away as the Dictator-in-Chief, Barack Obama, continues his socialist ways? Please, help AmeriPAC remove Barack Obama.

Please DONATE NOW to help to literally SAVE AMERICA!


Alan Gottlieb
Chairman, AmeriPAC

P.S. - PLEASE HELP AmeriPAC to REMOVE Barack Obama from office! And help to REMOVE HIM from raising over ONE BILLION DOLLARS to buy his second term as "President." We have been in the trenches fighting this battle since 2008. We need your financial support to get the word out to every American in order to STOP Barack Obama!

It is going to take dedicated financial support to expose Obama's true agenda and make sure America doesn't give him four more years! Please help AmeriPAC expose Obama's radical agenda and return the United States of America back to the people! Your support is desperately needed now to save this great nation!

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