Friday, April 1, 2011


SB 223 - "Cooney's Law"
Please help us strengthen NV's Animal Cruelty Laws. Currently, under NV law, a first offense of animal cruelty, no matter how violent, is only a misdemeanor.  This bill would make a willful and malicious act of animal cruelty eligible for a felony on the first offense.  You can read Bill language at  (there is a link to SB 223 on main page just above Cooney’s picture)  Please note: legislators will only know this bill as Senate Bill (SB) 223.
The first committee hearing is scheduled for Wednesday, March 23rd, at 3:30 p.m.  The law is named after “Cooney,” a rescue dog that was brutally killed by her owner.  Under NV Law, the brutal torture, mutilation with a box-cutter, and death of Cooney could only be charged as a misdemeanor.    
Currently, it's only a misdemeanor to: torture, cruelly beat or unjustifiably injure, maim, mutilate, starve, let die of thirst, or kill an animal, whether belonging to the person or to another.  It only becomes a Felony after you've abused your 3rd animal.  It's currently a Felony under NV law (NRS 574.107) to tamper with a show-dog.  We believe all animals deserve this protection.
SB 223“Cooney's Law” is important because:
·         Studies show there is a link between animal abuse and domestic violence
·         Studies show there is a link between animal abuse and violent tendencies, crimes (rape, murder)
·         It gives law enforcement a tool to hold animal abusers accountable, especially where domestic violence has       occurred or been threatened.
·         Currently, anyone could torture, mutilate, beat or kill their pet OR, even worse, YOUR pet, and it's ONLY a misdemeanor.
·         There's already Felony provisions for show dogs, let's include all pets.
#1:Email Senate Natural Resources Committee members and ask them to support SB 223. Make sure to put in the SUBJECT LINE of your email: Support SB223 Cruelty Bill.  Here are the emails:
Mark Manendo (Chair)
David Parks (Vice Chair)
Michael Roberson (Member)
John Lee (Member)
Dean Rhoads (Member)
 #2:Testify in favor of SB 223at the next Committee Hearing: DATE TO BE ANNOUNCED. CHECK WEBSITE:
In Las Vegas: Grant Sawyer Bldg. 555 E. Washington (LVBS & Washington) 4th floor, Rm 4412E
In Carson City: Nevada Legislature, 401 S. Carson St, Rm 2144
 #3:Please contact your State Legislators (Senate and Assembly); ask them to support SB 223.  Call 455-VOTE to find out who your legislators are or visit:, click on Who’s My Legislator, What’s My District
#4:Your Opinion Counts!  The legislature wants to know your opinion.  Let's get SB 223 in the TOP 5!Go to:  SELECT BILL:  SB223, YOUR VIEW:  CLICK “FOR” (the bill information will pop up and read: revises provision relating to cruelty to animals.)
#6: Law Enforcement may oppose SB223. Please immediately contact Sheriff Gillespie, by phone & email, and ask him to SUPPORT SB 223 the Cruelty Bill.
Office of The Sheriff
(702) 828-3231
For those OUTSIDE of Clark County: For other dept's not listed, Please click link to find your local county law enforcement officials:

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