Friday, April 8, 2011



            Today has already ushered in a tremendous renewal
            for many of your fellow patriots who are already
            on site here at Liberty University attending "The
            Awakening 2011..." and the day is only partly over!
            I'm sure you will agree that America needs spiritual
            and political renewal as never before.  Please
            read my brief, urgent message about a way we can
            team up to defend our beloved nation from one of
            the greatest threats in American history - Mat.


Congressman Randy Forbes (R-VA) emailed last night that we are
facing one of the greatest challenges our nation has ever faced.
He was referring, of course, to the weight of a crushing debt
and chronic deficit spending, and our seeming inability to face
up to this devastating problem.

++Calling all extreme patriots!

Early this afternoon, all of us "extremists" were tremendously
inspired by the Honorable Newt Gingrich. His impassioned
presentation reminded conservative Americans of our duties
as citizens to remain engaged in the political process to
whatever degree it is possible.

This is my battle cry to you. If you too are
outraged over attempts to make America a socialist nation...
If you are alarmed by the deepening economic crisis... If
you are concerned about radical Islamic terrorism...if you
are upset about this nation's ever-increasing immorality and
declining respect for human life... Please remember that Liberty
is standing at the epicenter of the battle for the soul
of America. We are actively engaged on many fronts in defense
of liberty, life, and family.

Among our most fervent and ongoing actions is our war against
the unconstitutionality of ObamaCare -- for almost two years now.

We have deployed a THREE-pronged strategy to win. Liberty
Counsel is: Fighting in the courts; pushing for repeal in
the legislature; and working to defund ObamaCare through
legislative or administrative processes.

            Now, we are on the threshold of defeating ObamaCare
            in court! Our upcoming May presentation to the
            Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals is critical
            because it lays the groundwork for what will
            likely be the final argument before the United
            States Supreme Court. And it is imperative that
            my team successfully anticipates the Department
            of Justice's counter offensive.

We simply cannot fight a battle as significant as this one
without the faithful and generous support of friends like you.
That's why your support of our lawsuit is so crucial.

Please consider a special gift to Liberty Counsel to meet this
and other critical needs by going here:

Let me leave you with this thought today as thousands of
impassioned American patriots rally at "The Awakening 2011"
on Liberty University's campus here in Lynchburg:

            The responsibility of maintaining the moral
            integrity of our country is not in the hands
            of a privileged few.

            We must remember OUR duties as citizens and
            continue to hammer home our pro-life, pro-family,
            pro-freedom message!

            Our nation's Christians have no choice but to stand
            together in this way. The kinds of pressure we are
            experiencing from radical homosexual activists,
            socialist political demagogues, anti-Christian
            bigots, and those who simply want to cast away
            all bonds of morality and decency COMPELS us to
            join together!


Thank you for being a valued member of the Liberty Counsel

Please consider how you can help forward our many initiatives -
and please pray for a spirit of revolution and renewal to
be manifest this weekend during "The Awakening."

Mathew Staver, Founder and Chairman
Liberty Counsel

P.S.  You can see live streaming video of The Awakening 2011
by going here:

Please join us on Saturday if you can!

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