Monday, March 7, 2011


Mathew Staver, Founder and Chairman
Liberty Counsel

         As you know, a spirit of revolution and renewal is
         awakening people all across America!  That's why
         we are holding a powerful gathering called The
2011 at Liberty University on April 8 - 9.
         Patriotic Americans like you will greatly profit
         from joining us at this free save the
         date and make travel arrangements now!  Please
         read more below - Mat.


Possible presidential candidate Newt Gingrich, Virginia
Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli (who is pressing a powerful
lawsuit against ObamaCare), and Lila Rose (whose organization
Live Action recently exposed Planned Parenthood's darkest
secrets) are among the more than 40 confirmed speakers at
The Awakening 2011!

Now, we need YOU to join your fellow Christian activists
at this gathering of eagles

         As you have no doubt noticed, these are intensely
         challenging times.  But it is in times like
         these that God raises His He will
         at The Awakening 2011! 

Please click here to learn all about The Awakening 2011:

++Real Hope. Real Change. Real Freedom.

At The Awakening 2011, we are going to celebrate a new movement
composed of many voices honoring Him across racial, ethnic,
and generational lines.  Over 10,000 attendees will hear
motivational and informative messages by many of the nation's
best known and most esteemed Christian leaders...enjoy the
ministry of many top artists...and worship together in a
powerful Revolution Celebration with the band Sonic Flood.

The theme of this year's event is "Raising Our Voices:
Equipping and Empowering a New Revolution." 

Won't you pray about how YOU can participate?  Please click
here to explore the web site and learn all about "The
2011," a free event that will change the way you
view our nation and its government:

++ "The Awakening 2011" is, above all, a celebration!

Inspiring and gifted musical artists will bring a variety
of devotional and entertainment experiences.  A full listing
of the outstanding speakers and performers is available at
our web site.  Although this is a free event, you must
register for admittance.  Go here:

++A new revolution is sweeping the nation like a holy
prairie fire!

You've seen it happening - a spirit of revolution is
awakening people and uniting communities across racial,
ethnic, and generational lines.  People are rallying
around shared values because of the increasing attacks
against our faith and freedom.

The movement we are witnessing today is broader and
deeper than anything in our lifetime.  It is NOT built
around a personality or a charismatic leader.  Rather,
it is a movement built upon MANY voices and MANY leaders!

The Awakening 2011 is sponsored by the numerous
organizations and leaders who have come together to
form The Freedom Federation, which represents nearly
40 million Americans!  It will be a time to unite
around our shared values and faith, and a time to find
our strength in that unity.

Although it is going to be a massive gathering, The
2011 won't be the same without YOU!  Please
ask the Lord if He would have you join us on April 8 and
9, 2011.  It's a free event, but you must register to be
admitted.  Again, you can go here to learn more:

I'm looking forward to seeing you there!

Mathew D. Staver, Founder and Chairman
Liberty Counsel and
President, Freedom Federation

P.S.  This event is really going to be a huge celebration!
If at all possible, make plans now to attend. The Awakening
2011 needs YOU to help bring renewed hope and real change
to America!  Here's a final link to learn more and to

God bless you!

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