Wednesday, February 2, 2011


Department of Energy – A DUD!

By: Lee S Gliddon Jr

Senator Harry Reid defends continuation of the Department of Energy. This Department was established at the request of Jimmy Carter during the couse of his failed Presidcy with the stated justification being, “To reduce America’s dependency on foreign oil.”

Look at facts! The importation of foreign oil has almost doubled since Carter Presiding! After looking at the facts and considering the BILLIONS of DOLLARS utterly wasted on the Department of Energy ask yourself, “Why does this Department continue to exist?” America’s dependence on foreign oil exists due to the fact that the Department of Energy has no control over America producing its own oil from known sources right here in America.

We should look into ridding American taxpayers of the waste and, while we are at it, take hard looks at the Department of Education and all other useless expenditures!

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