Saturday, February 19, 2011


If you've been following Nevada's budget debate recently, you've no doubt noticed that there are a lot of people talking about how various budget proposals will impact them.
Often missing from this discussion are the personal stories of individual business owners and their employees who are working longer and harder to make it during the recession. Many have also had to make difficult decisions or cutbacks to survive or expand.
The time commitment that this hard work requires makes it difficult to spend hours in a legislative committee hearing to present three minutes of testimony. And while representatives from many business organizations are working hard to share your stories with legislators in Carson City, a story that comes directly from you has more impact than anything relayed through a third party.
That's why I'm asking you to take a few moments to write and send me your story of how government's actions, regulations or taxes/fees have impacted your business.

Your story, along with many, many others, will be gathered, published and then shared by Americans for Prosperity-Nevada and Nevada Policy Research Institute with legislators, the public, and the media during the current legislative session.
Potential areas to cover in your letter include the following (these are suggestions only, as we encourage you to tell your story):
  • How taxes impact your business
  • How government regulations (local, state, and/or federal) hinder your business and/or discourage expansion
  • How the permitting process has impacted or is impacting your plans to build or expand
  • How an increase in taxes, fees, or regulations would impact your business
  • How the uncertainty of government policy is affecting your business or future plans
  • How government activity, including taxes and fees, has hindered your organization's private charitable efforts
If you are willing, please include a photograph of you and/or your business. This human touch can make a world of difference for lawmakers who are trying to connect to the words you've written.
We certainly understand why you may not desire to attach your name to your letter. If that is the case, please let us know and we will use only the city where your business is located.
Your letter doesn't need to be long, either — in fact, short and concise is better! Between 100 and 400 words is an ideal length, but that's only a suggestion — share your story.
By sharing your story, you're not committing to any particular position on any issue. Just as this publication will contain a wide variety of stories, different people will hold different positions on the state's budget problems.
This document will simply share the challenges you face, the challenges imposed by government actions, and provide a valuable perspective for the many lawmakers who have never run a small businesses or had to make payroll.

Please note that the books will be printed and distributed in partnership with the Nevada Policy Research Institute and AFP-Nevada.
AFP-Nevada and NPRI thanks you for your time and consideration. Please send us your story by Feb. 25, 2011.
Please e-mail your response to:

Adam Stryker
State Director
Americans for Prosperity-Nevada

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