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MUTH'S TRUTHS 01/08/2013


I will be making our first official presentation for the Mt. Reagan Project to the Nevada Board of Geographic Names this morning in Reno.  If you still haven’t signed our online petition supporting the establishment of an official “Mount Reagan” in Nevada…

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As you know already, Nevada Senate MINORITY Leader Michael “Moderate Mike” Roberson found himself in a kettle of hot water last week with Republican women who objected to his decision to kick the Senate’s only GOP woman out of her leadership position and off the powerful Finance Committee and replace her with his “boys.”

But Sen. Robeson’s problem with women isn’t unique.  It really is a party-wide problem.  Roberson simply made a bad situation unnecessarily worse. Indeed, out of 63 Nevada legislators, only 3 Republicans are of the fairer sex.

Anyway, after having his suspenders snapped last week, Moderate Mike declared he was going to fix the problem by recruiting more women in the future.  Problem is, I don’t think he knows how…or he would have done it last year.

Fortunately for him, I’m here to help.

I know exactly what to do and where to go to get all the high-quality qualified women he’d ever need or want.  Just pick up the phone, Senator, and give me a call.  I’d be happy to help you out of this jam.  They don’t call me “Mr. Thoughtful” for nothing!


This story is a bit dated, since it came out while I was on Christmas vacation, but I couldn’t let it slide by…

Capitol Hill newspaper Roll Call reported that Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus “confirmed that he has held multiple conversations” about “how the RNC might help the Nevada GOP transform itself.”

This comes on the heels of a story that former Sen. John Ensign’s political consultant, Mike Slanker, was shopping the idea of permanently blowing off the Nevada Republican Party’s grassroots foot soldiers by setting up a separate PAC that he’d control and operate unilaterally for political activities such as voter registration and get-out-the-vote.

Indeed, consider these closing paragraphs from the Roll Call story:
“I think the party’s future is bright,” said Republican consultant Mike Slanker, who is based in Las Vegas and serves as the chief political adviser to both (Gov. Brian) Sandoval and (Sen. Dean) Heller. “Anytime you have a GOP governor and GOP senator who are friends, great fundraisers, popular and willing to help build the party, you can do great things.  I think Gov. Sandoval and Sen. Heller along with other GOP elected officials and party faithful will build a formidable GOP operation moving forward,” Slanker added. “It’s a must-do.”

Now…read between the lines.

As we know, Mr. Slanker certainly hasn’t exactly been “willing to help build the party.”  Just the opposite.

In fact, Mr. Slanker was a leading figure in efforts to undermine and circumvent the Nevada GOP in this last election by supporting and running political operations outside of the state party - including a mail campaign that came to Nevada voters from the Idaho and Colorado Republican parties instead of the Nevada GOP!

And note that when Mr. Slanker said he and his clients were going to build a “formidable GOP operation moving forward,” he didn’t say they’re going to build a formidable GOP “state and county party” operation.  And if you don’t think that omission was intentional, I have a Michael Roberson tax pledge for sale you might be interested in!

There’s no doubt that Mr. Slanker wishes to run the Republican Party in Nevada without having to waste his time running to be Chairman or answering to the party’s Central Committee members or rank-and-file grassroots activists.  In his mind, there’s nothing wrong with a benevolent dictator…as long as he’s the dictator.

All hail, Caesar!


Clark County Republican Party Chairwoman Cindy Lake released the following statement on Monday on the passing of former Democrat Assemblywoman Gene Segerblom
“In these days of hyper-partisan politics, it’s easy to forget that, at heart, most of us involved in the process are in it for the right reasons; our differences are in the means to the end, not so much in the motivation to make things better for future generations. 

“I didn’t know Mrs. Segerblom, but a lot of Clark County Republicans did.  I’ve never heard a harsh word used to describe her.  She was highly respected and deeply admired.  She loved her community, this state and her constituents.  And they loved her back.  She was in politics for all the right reasons.

“The pain and grief of losing a loved one is something all of us share regardless of political affiliation. As such, on behalf of the Clark County Republican Party, I want to offer our condolences and prayers to Sen. Tick Segerblom and his family.  Godspeed, Mrs. Segerblom.”


“A shooter could take out a guard or officer with a visible, holstered weapon, but our teachers have masters degrees, are older and have had extensive training.  And their guns are hidden.  We can protect our children.” – Harrold, Texas school superintendent David Thweatt on his school board’s decision to allow properly trained and licensed teachers to carry concealed weapons on campus

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