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From: Jenny...‘Angel Moms’ Who Lost Children to Illegal Alien Crimes to Hold Event at Wall Surrounding Paul Ryan’s Home
From: Joan Swirsky   Paul Ryan's Treason by Daniel Greenfield

BJ3: It’s about freaking time.  Though it was never raveled or tight to many of us. 
From: sherzieve  
From: "Joan Swirsky"   From: Angela...Scalia murder cover-up begins to unravel: Intelligence officers and high ranking police publicly question his untimely death  
BJ3: Is this yet another “Trump Inspired Trend”? From: sherzieve 
From: "cam39470"
News Alert: Va. Supreme Court strikes down restored voting rights for felons
The Virginia Supreme Court struck down Gov. Terry McAuliffe’s (D) move to restore voting rights for over 200,000 convicted felons on Friday.
BJ3: COULD NOT USE ORIGINAL COLUMN...CONTENT-CENSORED. So we used this alternate...From: sherzieve...
YIKES!  Maybe that's one of the reasons he was just photographed getting off the plane with Obama, Val and Hillary?  Or, is there something even more clandestine afoot?  Maybe, he'll become a Dem...From: "doug walk"
(According to "wikileaks", Ted Cruz has asked the DNC for protection money)[Cruz is shedding his snakeskin and regrowing more]

From: Savage...
DOJ sues township for rejecting mosque (Courthouse News) The Justice Department sued a Pennsylvania town over its ...
From: Jenny...Claim: Red Cross Management Covered Up Migrant Sexual

BJ3: Agreed...we ran it then and do run it again...From: charlite...
Seems to me that this stunning commentary by Bill Bennett should be widely distributed! It was posted last November. Apparently, few people were aware of it. Let's send it everywhere NOW!
[ITEM: Trump and his team know all of this and are surely taking extraordinary measures to keep him safe. One critical step that he & his major advisors could take would be to expose devastating information about Clinton, Inc. that his own opposition research professionals have obtained, but the voting public doesn't yet know. If Trump hits this poisonous harridan hard enough and often enough with and endless flow of incriminating evidence,  the threat to him might diminish as the public begins to call for her to be 'locked up' with increasing vigor.]
From: Jenny...MS-13 Targeting Pro-Trump Hispanics...Violent gang wants open borders...

From: Jenny...Black Lives Matter Rejects Barbecue with Police: ‘I Eat Pigs, I Don’t Eat With Them’

From: sherzieve.....
It's galloping at full speed...From: "freedomusa.....
We would re-title this, Corporate America – Led by Big Media – is Ushering in Sharia. And Obama is enforcing it. Just another form of jihad. Excerpt via: Counter Jihad Muslims make up only one percent of the population, but file 40% of workplace discrimination complaints.

From: Jean Rice...Good information to know so you are aware of what is going on in your town.

Ten things your town needs to know as it is targeted for refugee resettlement

From: sherzieve  
From: "freedomusa  
Trump advisers target Muslim Brotherhood on US soil
By Stephen Frank on Jul 22,      The Left in California is showing its true values—bigotry, discrimination hatred—segregation.  Cal Berkeley in a few weeks will open a blacks only dorm—supposedly at the request of the black students—wonder what Martin Luther King Jr. would think of self imposed segregation?  Now we have LAUSD, which proudly had a real graduation rate of 54% in  .....
“Another town gives up on the red light camera scam”...Cerritos, California Abandons Red Light Cameras
By Stephen Frank on Jul 22,   Another town has given up on the red light camera scam—this is where a computer 10,000 miles away from your town (the computer is in Australia) can give you a traffic ticket for claiming you went through a red light on Main Street.  You can not contest the ticket, since you can not ask the […]
From: sherzieve...
And, all of this was carefully planned and is now being implemented by the infamous NWO...From: "John Rolls" ...
BJ3: Yep re Sher...From: Sher...That only means that if Hillary really does become a lost cause, Obama may just stay on as POTUS...From: charlite...I'm not holding my breath about the validity of this. Interesting, however.....
To those cynics who say - 'If they had this bombshell data, why haven't they released it?' - I say..........'because they're waiting until mid-September at the earliest, so that the DNC won't have any time to change their slipping in Biden, which is no doubt what they would definitely DO, if she is criminally exposed.'  So, it's a day-by-day REAL, LIVE political 'death watch' that we're experiencing............and that many millions of us are praying for. The Clintons finally caught, charged, convicted and jailed. It is the grande finale of my 40 year long ultimate dream, ever since these two bandits began their 'career' back in Arkansas when the BJ pervert ran for Att'y Gen of the state...........yes, these criminals have been operating since that long ago. Truly unbelievable that both of them are still roaming free, now including their 35 year old daughter, who is the haughty child of privilege, living the very super-rich life style that her wicked mother continues to attack in her barking campaign against 'the rich.' Disgusting.
From: sherzieve  
From: "doug walk"
(Real Americans will see a growing call for prison for open treason)
Rand Paul Calls for "Prison Sentence" for Hillary Clinton - Conservative News...
Paul said, “I think an indictment would be a good idea, followed by a prison sentence.”

From: Frank P   Obama Admits His Treason, War On US Sovereignty, Our Constitution
From: mmgodfrey...Are Traffic Enforcement Cameras Worth the Effort?
From: Jenny    From: Maria M...Hilarious: Dogs and Cats Have Different Upbringings...

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