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BJ3: We particularly agree with what Savage said yesterday, negatively, about Tom Fitton of Judicial essence, not to be trusted.  As our readers know, we have long said, if he can get so much “information”, then why has he not pursued BHO’s actual, at birth, valid, rightly-certified BC...the one that is sealed and vaulted?
BJ3: As for Comey, so much for his being a “good, honest  man”. For us, he’s just another Roberts’ clone...if not worse.
  What he basically said was...that Hillary DID do many of those things (others report well over 100) but he won’t press charges anyway. But, don’t get any ideas you non-elites...if you do anywhere near the same thing, he will nail your “buts” to the wall. 

From: Peri McMillan
...Must read...
...David Risselada posted: " There have been rumors going around concerning the arrival of U.N. troops at U.S. military bases. Conspiracy theories abound which suggests peacekeeping troops will be used to confiscate weapons from American citizens in the final stage to merge the U.S"... United Nations Participation and the Loss of American Sovereignty

From: United Nations Participation and the Loss of American Sovereignty
Attention Mr. Trump and Trump Crew:
This article should be given to the attention of Mr. Trump.....within his campaign speeches the United Nations and its inhumane actions should be discussed so as more Americans will become aware of this organization and the fact that our country should remove ourselves from this is imperative for the safety of our country as our America.  Please suggest to Mr. Trump the extreme importance regarding our removal from this organization and the reasons....all should be discussed within his campaign speeches. 
Also, the fact that Hillary Clinton has been found innocent of deliberately revealing info of extreme sensitivity and highly classified info......we all know this is ridiculous, to say the least.  If you or I were to be investigated and found that we revealed even sensitive info, we would be taken to trial....however the points to really discuss during the campaign would be the fact her incompetency to even e-mail her colleagues....shows a lack of poor judgement and true American patriotism.  Another fact to bring up is why one of her Aides would need immunity concerning the 30,000 e-mails, if he was not worried about the fact that he was an accomplice to her breaking the laws.  Just some suggestions.   
May God's blessings flow and keep Mr Trump and his family from Harms way and all those involved within Mr. Trump's  campaign.  God Bless our America.    Suzanne 

BJ3: He’s still a rat hypocrite...and maybe feeling Nehlen heat?   BREAKING- Ryan Makes Huge Announcement Moments After FBI Statement
Jerry Brown’s Concerns Reflect Hillary Clinton’s Vulnerability
From: sherzieve...
For those who still refuse to believe that the Republicans and Democrats are not one political party.  Thanks to Dave...From: "Dave Stoddard"...From: George Taylor...
This direction in the House of Representatives will invite, yes even promote, more incidents like the Pulse Nightclub Mass Shooting at Orlando, Florida, whether anything proposed passes or not...Zack Taylor, Chairman
House GOP to Promote Muslim Brotherhood, Gun Control Agenda this Week

Federal Court- Private Email Systems Cannot Be Used By Government Officials To Circumvent FOIA
From: Sher Zieve...
TSA's main targets are elderly, infirmed, very young and well-endowed white men and women.  Middle-Eastern looking terrorist-type men and women are regularly given a pass.  This is the new and still-rising Obama-World...
From: charlite...JM O'NEILL: Trump and the Importance of Who We Are .....Trump puts America first, takes pride in our country, and has the business savvy and the uncommon good sense to steer our Ship of State back toward the course it was designed to follow.- Jim O'Neill
From: Chuckolb...
Ending prosperity and liberty for all but the world elites   by Sher Zieve
... Socialism, Nazism, Communism, Fascism, all other "totalitarian-isms" and Islam are merely criminal enterprises operating under some manufactured ideology that gut countries and their people for the would-be masters of their lives. Once installed in higher office, these "masters" tell the people what they may and may not do, what they may and may not eat, how they must dress, what they must believe, what they may and may not say and regulate all areas of their lives to the liking of their rulers. This is what we began in the USA in 2008 when Barack Hussein Obama was "elected' to the presidency of the United States. [...]
From: sherzieve...
Actually, it's thousands at a time...From: "John Rolls"
From: Savage...Illegal immigrant criminals set free in U.S. as State Department thwarts deportations
From: Jean Rice.....I’ve been following this TB increase trend for some time now and thought that those of you who live in Wisconsin and other states (like TX, AZ, FL, VT, ID, ND, NY, NH, TN)  who have the ‘refugee relocation programs’ in your state, would be interested to know this information.  TB is highly contagious and nationally, there have been (2) cases where the patients DID NOT RESPOND to the known antibiotics currently in use to treat TB and have died.  For every one person with active TB, 10-15 people are exposed and it can be months to years before they actually develop the disease. Be informed and be aware as this deadly disease is making a comeback and we are not prepared.  I am currently working on an AZ State Senate sub-committee and we are actively involved in researching this and other contagious disease issues since we have not only the illegals coming from South and Central America and Mexico, but a large turnover of “refugees” coming through our state courtesy of the federal government through federally contracted and privately run ‘refugee centers’.
Breitbart: Wisconsin is (for now) the new TB capital of America

WARNING: Mexican Cartel at Texas Border Has Russian RPGs
From: Jenny...WATCH: Muslim Cab Driver Says It’s ‘Against His Religion’ to Take Blind Man With Guide Dog.....This is the culture we're importing.

From: Jenny...House GOP’s Proposed $10 Million ‘Anti-Terror’ Fund May Bolster ‘Civilization Jihad’
From: IPatriot...Who are the Criminals- Terrorists or Congress-

BJ3: “ What difference does that make in this point in time”...From: Eric.M.Hagemeister.....FYI – FBI Director Komey demonstrates his korruption in his recommendation that no charges be filed against Killary.  As noted in this ZH article, intent did not have to be proven to prosecute.  I figured this would serve as litmus test for the Deep State’s backing of Killary, and the results certainly invalidate any semblance of “an independent and democratic republic” per the 4th of July celebrations from yesterday.  God help us as we near closer to the pitchfork and flaming arrows day of reckoning….
FBI Recommends "No Charges" Against Killary Klinton

From: Rob E...BREAKING: Romanian hacker with access to Clinton emails found dead in jail cell

From: charlite...So far, throughout this 7 1/2 year ordeal under an illegal political coup, this plutocracy doesn't CARE and PAYS NO ATTENTION to what We The People think or want.
Virginia Poll: 82% Say Hillary Clinton Should Be Criminally Prosecuted

BJ3: Can only wonder what Debbie would have said were this written after what Comey did...did NOT do? From: dwarren
Petition to prosecute Lynch...and my letter to Obama, Sam Johnson, Cruz and Cornyn:
oretta Lynch has proven time and again that she is not concerned with America, our Sovereignty, our citizens, our Rule of Law.  She is an arm of a destructive and disgusting political agenda that is destroying everything WE and our Forefathers fought for with OUR blood, sweat, tears and MONEY.  She is one more corrupt public SERVANT who is violating her oath and role.  We know it...the world knows it; just as the world has laughed at us and lost of respect for illegally installing a Usurper who hates this country and OUR CITIZENS.   The meeting with Billy Clinton was obviously wrong...violated her office and our trust (ONCE AGAIN)and in light of the instructions from the FBI and Secret Service "no cell phones, no pictures...", it is clear that this was no innocent and accidental meeting and attempt was made to conceal the crime.  Billy boy made sure he was there and waited for her was no 'chance' meeting or inadvertent 'mistake'.  YOU know it and WE know it   It is YOUR JOB to see that she is fully prosecuted and fired immediately...  Charges should also be brought against the murdering S.O.B., Clinton and his partner...Hillary for the many crimes we all know they have committed.   This joke of an Attorney General will protect both of them from the Clinton Foundation crimes (ie: the attempt to hide evidence as they announced for the next 2 1/2 years..), Benghazi, Fast & Furious, THE INVASION OF ILLEGAL ALIENS AND ALLEGED REFUGEES, HELLery's illegal email server and the sharing of classified information with those who murdered FOUR people in Benghazi and thumbing her nose at the laws we hold so dear as she hid and destroyed the evidence intentionally.   Lynch is visibly corrupt and stupid...and both preclude her from serving in this most important role.   Prosecute and remove her immediately!  DO YOUR JOB!      This illegal administration has no intention of representing Americans and their interests, but I expect my Texas representatives to step up and do the right thing for us, our children and our future which is looking pretty bleak due to the filthy corruption rampant in our government.  Are you part of the problem or part of the solution?  Are you stupid, incompetent, ambivalent or simply a CORRUPT, THIEVING CRIMINAL???

Loretta Lynch Slaps FBI- No-Fly List Can Be Used to Ban Gun Buyers

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