Tuesday, April 28, 2015


Illinois is holding a special election for Congress that is the first test of establishment Republicans vs. the Tea Party grassroots this year.  Conservative activist Mike Flynn needs your help to beat the handpicked candidate of Washington insiders.  Support the grassroots movement to elect true conservatives today!


The Illinois special election offers the first race of this cycle where the D.C. establishment is attempting to silence the grassroots candidate, Mike Flynn.

Washington Republicans know that Mike Flynn is a true conservative that will fight for change and hold Democrats and Republicans alike accountable to We The People.

As Editor-in-Chief of Andrew Breitbart's website, BigGovernment, Mike Flynn was responsible for the ACORN videos that brought down that liberal group.

The establishment candidate is Darin LaHood, the son of a moderate Republican who worked in Obama's cabinet as Transportation Secretary.

LaHood believes he deserves the Congressional seat because his father's last name, but conservatives know that it is time to elect real leaders, not life-long politicians that will do anything to stay in power. 

The Republican establishment along with liberal groups are doing all they can to support LaHood in the primary so that the choice in the general election is between a moderate Republican and a liberal.  It is our duty to make sure Mike Flynn wins the primary and voters have a choice between the status quo in D.C. and a real conservative activist who has worked his entire life to upend the Washington game. 

Mike Flynn needs to know he has the support of the grassroots as he embarks on his campaign for Congress.  Your contribution of $25, $50, $100, or $250 will support voter outreach in this special election that is crucial to changing Washington by electing real leaders not afraid to take on the establishment!

Many journalists and websites have started to pay attention to this special election.  This recent article sums up why Mike Flynn is a symbol of the grassroots and supporting him in the primary is important for conservatives that are fed up with Washington, even as Republicans now control Congress.

The Establishment and the Tea Party Face Off in Illinois

This year's first big confrontation between the GOP establishment and the party's restless grassroots will be held in an Illinois special-election primary. The smart money is betting on the establishment's choice, but dissatisfaction with attempts to force-feed that choice on voters, together with the performance of the new GOP Congress in fighting President Obama, could give an insurgent a real shot.

Former Republican House member Aaron Schock of Illinois resigned last month under a cascade of controversy about questionable expenses.  Even before the announcement was official, Illinois power brokers were moving to anoint state senator Darin LaHood as his successor in a special election.

LaHood is about as establishment a choice as one could imagine. He is the son of Representative Ray LaHood, the very moderate Republican who served in Congress until 2009.  He then left office to become President Obama's Transportation Secretary, where he promoted pork-barrel spending and dubious high-speed-rail projects.  His father brings strong name identification for Darin LaHood but it also leaves many of the district's conservatives looking for a fresh, non–status quo alternative.

Mike Flynn plans to be that alternative. A 47-year-old political activist, he played a major role in exposing the scandals that brought down the leftist group ACORN and went on to edit the Big Government website founded by the late Andrew Breitbart. The site has been a go-to source of stories exposing the politically correct obsessions of liberals and the non-confrontational habits of Republican leaders. 


The article above makes it clear this special election is a choice between real conservative leadership in Mike Flynn and the son of a moderate Republican who worked with Obama on wasteful big government spending.

Mike Flynn was a friend of Andrew Breitbart and as Editor of one of Breitbart's websites continues the vision of Mr. Breitbart after his untimely death.  Flynn could stay in his current job comfortably but has chosen to explore a run for Congress because he wants to change Washington.

He will need the grassroots to support him because the official Illinois Republican party and other groups won't.  They would rather have the safe candidate with name recognition rather than a candidate that will upset the status quo.

We are jumping into this race because Mike Flynn is a real conservative leader.  Even one Congressional race can make a difference and we plan to do everything in our power to make sure Mike Flynn wins the primary over the establishment.

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